It all started like this.

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Choice count: 68

Section count: 45

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 27 matches (absence, accident, arrest, bankruptcy, close, company, compensation, construction, corruption, cost, family, government, hire, House, illegal, offer, office, order, parent, pension, private, schedule, seller, silence, state, sue, test)

Education : 19 matches (School, choice, class, college, compensation, course, courses, don, evaluation, fail, field, field of study, grades, inspection, private, school, taught, test, university)

Psychology : 18 matches (absence, alcohol, burnout, class, compensation, depression, drive, drug, estimation, family, field, focus, idiot, interview, knowing that, love, order, phone)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

abolish (1 match)

compensation package (1 match)

flirtation (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

HR (1 match)

internship (7 matches)

leave of absence (1 match)

overtime (3 matches)

pension (1 match)

put aside (2 matches)

retirement (2 matches)

straight A's (1 match)

test drive (6 matches)

vacant position (1 match)


It all started like this.

Time to make a choice.

Like everybody in my class, I didn't knew what to do in my life. So i decided to make something different. My dad was a building evaluator so I decided to try it. At school we had to choose between evaluation or estimation.

Choice 1 : Evaluation.

Choice 2 : Estimation.


Like my dad, it seems me a good choice. Now I had to choose the school where I want to do this program.

Choice 1 : Montmorency college.

Choice 2 : Grasset school.

Choice 3 : Private school.

Montmorency college.

Montmorency college was the best school to do it accordind to the best building evaluator. Now I had to choose my internship.

Choice 1 : Private office.

Choice 2 : City of Laval.

Private office.

It was very hard at the beginning. He asked me to do a lot of overtime. I didn't knew what to do about it.

Choice 1 : Talk to my boss.

Choice 2 : Continue making overtime.

Talk to my boss.

I talk to him and he laught at me saying that i'm an idiot. I quit the office.

Choice 1 : Start again

Continue making overtime.

I was getting sucked up in it so I decide to do nothing. Finally I made a burnout.

Choice 1 : Start again

City of Laval.

It was so easy at this office. I was a straight A's. Every body liked me so my boss offered me to be part of the owners of the company.

Choice 1 : Accept.

Choice 2 : Decline.


I accepted the offer and made a lot of money. I got my retirement few years later at age of 26.

Choice 1 : Start again


I declined his offer. He negociated his offer and give me 5 millions dollars compensation package to be part of his team. I said yes.

Choice 1 : Start again

Grasset school.

That school was cheaper so my parent could easier paid for it. I had a lot of difficulties at this school. I graduated late and I didn't had a lot of internship offer. So I took what I had.

Choice 1 : Small office at Ottawa.

Choice 2 : Small office in Quebec.

Small office at Ottawa.

Me and my girlfriend took all our things and leave for Ottawa. My girlfriend got pregnant few years later so I took a leave of absence to be with her. When I took care of my girlfriend and our kid, my boss abolish my position at the office.

Choice 1 : Ask him why he did that.

Choice 2 : Sue him.

Ask him why he did that.

I went to the office very mad and ask him why he did that. He didn't anwser me and ask me to leave. I punched him in the face and leave.

Choice 1 : Start again

Sue him.

I sue him and I win. I took his place in the office. I put aside to get my retirement real quick. I left the office 20 years later. I had a very good pension and a lot of money that I put aside so I could take care of my family.

Choice 1 : Start again

Small office in Quebec.

It was more safe to stay here because my english was not good. After my internship I wanted something new.

Choice 1 : Stay at this office.

Choice 2 : Build my own company.

Stay at this office.

It was so boring but i mad enough money to live. One day I got a care accident and couldn't work again.

Choice 1 : Start again

Build my own company.

At the beginning it was very tough but I mad it. My company was the biggest in Quebec. I was so rich I didn't had to work for the rest of my life.

Choice 1 : Start again

Private school.

My parent didn't had enough money to paid for my courses so I went to the bank and borrow more money. I graduated with great grades. All the biggest company wanted me so far so I had a lot of choice for my internship.

Choice 1 : Biggest office in Canada.

Choice 2 : Work for the government.

Biggest office in Canada.

It was very stressful because there were only the best of the best. One day I here my boss talking to the phone about corruption. I didn't knew what to do about it.

Choice 1 : Call the police.

Choice 2 : Talk to him about that.

Call the police.

I called the police and he went to jail. I took his place and be a clean boss.

Choice 1 : Start again

Talk to him about that.

I talked to him about that and offer him to stop it or i'll call the police. He said ok but I have to keep my silence or i could be in big danger. I didn't talk to everyone about that.

Choice 1 : Start again

Work for the government.

It was an honor to work for the government. My girlfriend was working here as well so it was very nice. After my internship, the offer me an official test drive to see if i'm the one that they are looking for. I had a foot in the door so I taught it will be easy to get the job.

Choice 1 : succed the test drive.

Choice 2 : Fail the test drive.

succed the test drive.

I still give my 100% and he hired me.

Choice 1 : Start again

Fail the test drive.

I took for granted the test drive so I didn't put my 100%. My boss said to me that he don't want people like me.

Choice 1 : Start again


I didn't knew a lot about this shutter but my best friend was in it and he said that it's very cool.

Choice 1 : Do it in the same class as my best friend.

Choice 2 : Do it in another class.

Choice 3 : Do it at home.

Do it in the same class as my best friend.

Of course it was the best choice because I hate working in team so if I know someone it will be easier. We graduated at the same time. He leave for the United states.

Choice 1 : Follow him.

Choice 2 : Stay here.

Follow him.

We moved to Oregon state wich is a good city for or field of study. We were together everyday. I saw him one day with my the girl I loved and there were some flirtation. I was so mad about him.

Choice 1 : Kiss the girl in front of him.

Choice 2 : Leave him the girl.

Kiss the girl in front of him.

I took the girl and kiss her with all the love I had for her. MY friend never forgive me for this and he move from here. I never saw him again.

Choice 1 : Start again

Leave him the girl.

He was my best friend and I didn't want to be mad at him for a girl. He married her 5 years later and I was so sad then I started drinking a lot of alcohol. I was an addict and lost my job.

Choice 1 : Start again

Stay here.

He moved to Oregon State but I stayed here. I was working in a nice office in Montréal. I ask my boss that I wanted to be part of the HR because I needed new challenge. One day, I saw my bestfriend CV on my desk.

Choice 1 : Call him for an interview.

Choice 2 : Ignore his CV.

Call him for an interview.

I schedule him an interview on the next day, I was very excited to see him. When he came in my office, I didn't recognize him he had so much changed. We took a coffe after the interview. Me boss saw us and he said that he don't want friends in his office so he order me to do not hire him.

Choice 1 : Start again

Ignore his CV.

I didn't wanted to work with a friend because I was afraid that it's disadvantage me in my work.

Choice 1 : Start again

Do it in another class.

I did my path without my friend. We lost sigh of each other. I didn't love the program but I still made it.

Choice 1 : Try an internship to see if I could like it.

Choice 2 : Change my field of study.

Try an internship to see if I could like it.

I saw a vacant position in a office close to my house so I applied. It was a dead-end-job, I've made 2 weeks there and quit.

Choice 1 : Try one last office.

Choice 2 : Quit.

Try one last office.

I've made 3 years of study so I do not want to wast my time. I applied at a construction company. I was quiet good and I finally find my way.

Choice 1 : Start again


I quit the estimation department to do the evaluation one. I had to start all over again.

Choice 1 : Start again

Change my field of study.

I was 22 years old so I had a lot of time to find something I love. I stayed at a similar program as the one i've made. It was call "Building inspection". I had to inspect a house wich is sold to see if there is any problem that de seller have to repair. One day I had to inspect a house and the owner was selling drug.

Choice 1 : Call the police.

Choice 2 : Do nothing about it.

Call the police.

When I got out of the house I called the police and the owner of the house got arrest.

Choice 1 : Start again

Do nothing about it.

I did nothing knowing that it's illegal. The next day my boss knew I did nothing about that. I lost my job.

Choice 1 : Start again

Do it at home.

We didn't had to paid for the courses but only for the books so it was didn't cost a lot of money. It was so tough i didn't make it at home.

Choice 1 : Go back to school.

Choice 2 : Try to finish it at home.

Go back to school.

I've lost 2 years of my life and went back to school. I was so demotivated. I finally found a job after 3 more years. My girlfriend got pregnant when I graduated so I stayed at home for 6 more months. After this, it was very hard to found a job, nobody wanted me.

Choice 1 : Start my business.

Choice 2 : Go to university.

Start my business.

Nobody wanted me so I build my own company. It was a real mess and I finally made bankruptcy.

Choice 1 : Start again

Go to university.

I went to the University of Montreal to improve myself. I found a good job after that.

Choice 1 : Start again

Try to finish it at home.

I got illegal medication to be more focus. After few years I made it and found a job but I didn't stop the medication because I was good with it.

Choice 1 : Stop the medication.

Choice 2 : keep using it.

Stop the medication.

I try to stop taking the illegal medication but it was too hard. I start making a depression and I lost my job and my family.

Choice 1 : Start again

keep using it.

I was getting more and more addict to it and it cost me a lot of money. My girlfriend didn't know anything about this. I finally made an overdose and die.

Choice 1 : Start again

The End.