The story of a life

A hypertext narrative by

Alice Forget

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Tourism : 33 matches (Airport, Breakfast, Bus, Contract, Control, Food, Glass, Human, Opportunity, Plane, Program, Restaurant, US, airport, appointment, bar, bit, bus, chalet, contract, door, fin, guard, language, pass, piste, program, ship, stop, through, track, trip, valet)

Psychology : 27 matches (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, anamnesis, Big One, bit, brain, construct, dream, FAST, game, harassment, hit, language, lateral, learning, love, miss, need, patient, remember, run, sclerosis, set, sexual harassment, sign, sleep, stress, trip)

Computer Science : 26 matches (bit, body, boom, call, check, choice, construct, floor, ghost, instruction, lock, News, open, pass, path, searching, security, sign, sleep, snowflake, table, track, traffic, tree, language, video)

Target Structure:

background check (1 match)

come in handy (1 match)

deter (1 match)

intern (1 match)

invaluable (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

trainee (1 match)


The story of a life

food fight

Cause you had a bad day.

I'm getting out of the school, cover with eggs. A food fight, can you imagine, people do that at high school. Also, it's the last day to do my registration for the cegep.

Choice 1 : be bad and don't do the inscription

Choice 2 : Do the inscription in specialized educator

find yourself

Be bad and don't do the inscription.

My parents are frustrated, I didn't wen't to school, but you know, our generation they all go in travel to fin themselves. Why no't me ???

Choice 1 : Honduras.

Choice 2 : Banff.


Do the inscription in specialized education.

I'm learning about the others, how their brain and feelings are working. How to talk with them, my purpose, help them and give them the best tools so they can fight all the problems they have. But the most difficult thing is that i'm learning about me. I have some problems that I've didn't solve and they confront me. Maybe that's not the right program for me.

Choice 1 : 2 years later.

Choice 2 : The beginning of a career.



I don't know anything about this place. Everyone told me that's dangerous and to coming back home but I don't want to. I know a little bit of spanish and everyone is talking in that language.

Choice 1 : What a beautiful person.

Choice 2 : What a beautiful meeting.



Here I am, in the Ouest of Canada. It's wonderful, it's like being in a other life. No stress, no pressure, can you see it? The snowflake is raining slowly, the big one. Now it's time to have fun.

Choice 1 : The animal.

Choice 2 : Lost.


2 years later.

I was an intern at a secondary school, it didn't work as well. I don't trust me and that's my biggest problem. Again, I don't know what to do. I'm searching for an other program.

Choice 1 : Banff.

Choice 2 : Orthosis prothesis program.


The beginning of a career.

I finished my program. I'm now a person who can help people, but also on the job training, that's not easy, maybe one day i'm going to be invaluable but for now, I'm learning everything I can on every way of the job. Like a little bird i'm going to fly one day. END.

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Orthosis prothesis program.

What a cool program, but a difficult one, we are learning so many words ! Before now, I wasn't able to say a simple difference between a orthotic and a prosthetic. One is helping the person, for exemple, walk and the other is replaces a body part of a person who lost it or didn't have it when he was born.

Choice 1 : The beginning of a career.

Choice 2 : A opportunity.


The animal.

I'm skying in the powder, faster and faster I'm going. SUDDENLY ! A hole ! Now I'm skying on the glass, going down. POUF ! I feel hair on my face, hear someone yell, but not a normal one. I get up, it's a anne ! And not a normal one but the anne in Shrek. He is so happy to see someone because he was stuck up here during 2 days. He doesn't know what to do and me either.

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That was not a good idea to just go in the wood and sky free. I don't know where I am.

Choice 1 : Continue to go down.

Choice 2 : Stop.


What a beautiful person.

I was in a coffee when I meet Jonh. He was next to me and started talking to me from where I am. He is really nice ! He offered me a place to sleep and I accepted. We are in the morning and he made me a breakfast, he was going to bring me to a river that he know and that nobody go because it's not a path. When we were there, he started flirting with me, I don't know if I like it or not but never feel that before, it's interesting.

Choice 1 : 2 weeks later.


What a beautiful meeting.

Yesterday, I entered the wrong place, I thought I was there to find a place to sleep but no ! It was an orthotic prosthetic lab. The owner, Ricardo, told me if I help him I can sleep there for one night. It's the first time that I feel like I've come in handy for people. I really love work here and they love me too, it's a lot of things to learn, the anamnesis, the fabrication and adequacy for a patient. They construct everything for a patient ! With nothing ! He told me I can stay here for one week, YES ! I'm now a trainee, maybe for more than one week.

Choice 1 : Some person coming.


2 weeks later.

It's been 2 weeks that I'm with him, I kind of like it. But sometimes he had some misconduct move. He tried to grab my breast. I tried to deter him but he is strong. But that's my fault, I put myself sometimes pretty and he can't resist.

Choice 1 : I stay.

Choice 2 : Run !


I stay.

I stay there because I didn't want to hurt him. I married him, then it came to be horrible. He brough some other girls and do sexual harassment to them too. But he explained to me that he is a good boy, and they need that to grow. I understand, so I helped the girl to clean themselves to be pretty for him, it's very important.

Choice 1 : One day


Run !

You know when you saw a movie that involved a woman who try to go away from a bad guy. Yeah, that's me. I packed my bag yesterday and leave during the night. Ricardo started to hit me hard and I can't be in a relation ship like this.

Choice 1 : Go to the airport.

Choice 2 : Go to Guatemala.


Go to the airport.

I'm in the airport of Tegucigalpa. I didn't see him since I leave. Wait, his there, I did not know what he was doing in his life, now I do. He is the guard who let pass people at the security of the airport. You saw it coming right ? Not me.

Choice 1 : Run Forrest run !!!

Choice 2 : Cooperating.


Go to Guatemala.

I knew I had no choice, I needed to leave Honduras before I get stock there. I found a house to sleep, it's an old woman who live there. She learned me to play guitar and the other time I'm working in a restaurant.

Choice 1 : Start a career I never thought about.

Choice 2 : Stay.


Run Forrest run !!!

He was going to take me and do a checking, you know, like they are doing to some people to make sure they are clean. So, I ran. All the guards ran after me. But I'm fast, I pushed everyone !

Choice 1 : Take a taxi.

Choice 2 : Ninja Turtle.



What can I do behind 5 guards? I tried the cunning way. They ask me a lot of question! Did a background check. Finally, I was going out of this room.

Choice 1 : Surprise.

Choice 2 : What happened.


Take a taxi.

A crazy good man stopped and took me in his taxi ! What a lucky one I was ! We escaped from there and go away. I'm now in Copan. I live my life there. The taxi men, the love of my life. Yep, a story like this. I have been a ghost for 3 years and now I'm free. END.

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Ninja Turtle.

Suddenly, a purple turtle, who act like human appear. The ninja turtle, Donatello. I was listen to that when I was young, but I never thought they were real. He made a lot of moves and beat all of them ! It was so nice. In the end he took me and go to a big house !

Choice 1 : Know the truth.

Choice 2 : Just go home.


Know the truth.

They told me a lot of things. Short story, my mother was a mother for them. She took care of them for 10 years. When she didn't have news for 1 week, she sent them to make sure I was okay. So that's it, i'm there. I wanted know to help them. I learn a lot of things about Honduras and that they need a lot of help ! So tomorrow are going to find what can I do for them ! What a good life waiting for me ! END.

Write a choice here.


Just go home.

I had enough. A guy who punches me and now Ninja Turtle, I just asked to go home with my parents. Sleep in my bed and do a normal job ! END.

Write a choice here.


Start a career I never thought about.

5 months later, I compose some song, the old woman helped me. I started to play in some bar, and biggest, and a theater. Yes, it was a beginning of a big career. My parents came to see me. So many things happens by the time I saw them.

Choice 1 : Productor.



The old woman, miss Rose, she became sick, had the SLA disease, in english, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. I stay with her to help her, do everything for her. She had set aside some money, a lot I should stay ! I have learns a lot of things about it and how to take care of these people. 1 year later she was dead. My friend, my mentor. Time for me return to my home. END.

Write a choice here.



I saw a man, again you will think, but this is a good one. He told me that he can help me to start a career, and you will never know who this was, René Angélil !!! He set me an appointment for the day after to sign a contract ! omg.

Choice 1 : Sign the contract.

Choice 2 : Do it at my way.

Return to Canada.

I'm back to my place, I had my experience, a big one you will think. Now it's time to think about me and go to school !

Choice 1 : Do the inscription in specialized education.

Choice 2 : Orthosis prothesis program.


Sign the contract.

I'm now an artist for René Angélil, I leave tomorrow for a big career. He told me that I'm going to learn from Céline Dion so I can sing a little bit better, just need some practice he said to me. Let's begin !! END.

Write a choice here.


Do it at my way.

Yesterday I read all the contract, it's big, really big, I don't want this. Doing music is now a part of many passions I have. I will stay with the old lady until she doesn't need me. I will sing for the little people. That's what I want, simple life into that big complicate world. END.

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Some person coming.

They are telling me that some people will come help us to make orthosis and prothosis. They have a way to do the prothesis, they call it stratification, the prothosis is more stronger. They will bring us some equipment to do it after they learn to us how it works, they will also see some patient and do it orthosis and prothosis with free material they will bring. The boss told me that they do that every 2 years. That's cool.

Choice 1 : The end.


The end.

They are here,Ii'm here. I am the girl who is in Honduras and came in Honduras. I'm confusing, behind me, I have myself. Two world who cross a line. Me behind me, what do you do if you were me? END.

Write a choice here.


Continue to go down.

When you don't know what to do, just continue, that's my father always told me. In fact, there was an old lady who told me where to go.

Choice 1 : Follow the instruction.



It came to go darker. I saw something in the wood, a bear !! That one thing I did not want. I started to try to clip my ski, because I took a pause and unclip it. But it was too long. The bear just came behind me and tell me hi !

Choice 1 : Talk to the bear.

Choice 2 : Try a other time to run !


Talk to the bear.

When someone said hi to you, you need to say hi. So I said hi to the bear, we started to talk, about the wood and that I'm stuck up here and don't know what to do and where I'm supposing to go. Then, he told me the story of Narnia, he is refuge of the war they been through. We continue like that all the night, he made a little fire and I fall asleep.

Choice 1 : The bear.


Try a other time to run !

When it doesn't work you try harder. Finally, I join my ski and sit on them, I control it by put more weight one side or the other. I was like in a video game. AND BOOM ! Nothing, I crush on a tree and saw the bear.

Choice 1 : What happened ?


The bear.

I'm waking up, in the middle of the piste, cover with a big blanket. Around me he had trace of bear dough. No no no, that was not a dream. Since that day, I came every year in that piste to talk to the bear, every time he is there. It's kind of best friend. END.

Write a choice here.


What happened ?

You know when you don't remember what happened, I'm now in the middle of the track, cover with a big blanket, it's the middle of the night ! Around me, trace of bear everywhere. I don't know what he is, I tried to find him, but I never succeed. Maybe that was a person and not the bear, who will know? END.

Write a choice here.


Follow the instruction.

You got the boring story, I just follow the instruction and got to the chalet and drank a lot of hot chocolate ! END.

Write a choice here.



My parents ! They are there, to save me ! They are with the police, I'm, I'm, not save. They have handcuffed, they took them too. The mans took us to a bus where many people was there, it seems to be human traffic. The people in the bus came from everywhere. Definitely I'm not a lucky girl. My parents told me that they had a call that I was in danger and they came the minute they had the call.

Choice 1 : 2 years later.


What happened.

They took me with a bag on my head, so I could not see anything. I heard a boy to give some bribe to an other one so he could shut up his mouth. Other girls are around me. They theft people like they are steeling money. During the year, boy took advantage of me. You know, when your parents told you to be careful about people, I learn it the rough way. Don't do that. END.

Write a choice here.


2 years later.

It's been two years of that day, THE day. I'm now the valet for a big fat man. If I made a good day for him, I'm not beaten. One day, I'm going to leave, or try a way to leave because all the door are lock and I don't know where I am. Until I found a way, you will need to be patient. END.

Write a choice here.


One day.

But that one day, a girl came, my sister. The guy took my sister, she came because she wanted to find me, since all these years she never stopped. She has ecchymosis everywhere in her body and me too. That day, I was not me, I took something, I don't know what, I jumped on the guy, punch him everywhere I can. He pushed me on the wall, on the floor and the table. I bite him and finally, kill him. That day was the day of my freedom, that day, was the day that he hurt my sister. END.

Write a choice here.


A opportunity.

Everyone talks about the trip in Honduras. I send my letter to be part of it, and I was chosen !! Omg. I will leave for 1 month. For 2 weeks we are going to help people and make orthosis and prothesis for them gratis because they don't have the money to pay them. We are now prepared, it's a lot of jobs but I'm going to succeed !

Choice 1 : In the plane.


In the plane.

I'm now on the plane, so excited because we are going to meet good people there who help others. In front of the door I'm stress, I'm open it.

Choice 1 : The end.


Is that real ?

Suddenly Fiona and Shrek came out of nowhere. They took my hand and brough me out there. Not out there were you think but in their castle. A beautiful one, after one hour I went to sleep. At the morning, I was in my bed at my home, it was just a dream. END.

Write a choice here.

The End.