Career choice.

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Noémy Grondin

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 11 matches (arrested, Cause, Child, company, Development, discovery, fact, family, fine, minutes, office)

Education : 10 matches (choice, class, don, first, learning, major, professor, speaking, student, university)

Psychology : 9 matches (class, depression, family, learning, patient, psychology, psychologist, stress, subject)

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internship (1 match)


Career choice.

career choice

The beginning.

I have to go to university very soon and I still don't know in which program I should apply. I'm hesitating between being a psychologist or a physiotherapist. Where do you think I should apply?

Choice 1 : Psychologist.

Choice 2 : Physiotherapist.



I chose to be a psychologist. It's my first day at Université de Montréal and I already made a friend! We have some class together, therefore we stay together. But, I just discover that she's the girl that my ex boyfriend cheated on me with.

Choice 1 : Confront her about that situation.

Choice 2 : Do nothing and let it pass.



I chose to be a physiotherapist like my father and my grandfather. With that heritage, comes prestige because my family is well-known in physiotherapy. Am I strong enough to manage all the stress?

Choice 1 : Work hard on my mental health.

Choice 2 : I made a major depression.


Confront her about that situation.

After two days, I decided to take her, Kate, after a class on child development to talk about it. I said, "I"m very happy that we get along, but I don't know if you knew that my boyfriend cheated on me with you. I don't want us to be weird, but I can't help myself to think about it. I just want us to be friends. What do you say?"

Choice 1 : Kate is comprehensive.

Choice 2 : Kate is angry.


Do nothing and let it pass.

I continue to be friend with Kate and I never talk about the fact that she was the girl that my boyfriend cheated on me with.

Choice 1 : It's a dead end. Start over


Kate is comprehensive.

While I was talking, Kate listens to me and she was very emphatic to my situation. She completely understands my discomfort.

Choice 1 : Separate ways.

Choice 2 : We stay friends.


Kate is angry.

Kate reacts highly. She can't believe that I bring this subject, therefore, she doesn't want to talk about it.

Choice 1 : A professor step in.

Choice 2 : A war begin.


A professor step in.

A professor intervened because we were speaking very loudly. He asked what was going on and he tried to convince us to be calm, but it didn't really work. After 15 minutes, Kate and me were calm. The professor asked me if I can come to his office. I said yes.

Choice 1 : He asked if I was ok.

Choice 2 : He asked for my number


A war begin.

We began to yell at each other. Nobody wanted to stop and think. It was disastrous. Every student in Psychology who crossed our path were looking our way. It was very embarrassing but I could not help myself.

Choice 1 : It's a dead-end. We stay angry at each other. The end


Separate ways.

After the talk, Kate decided to make new friends because she wanted me to heal correctly after that discovery.

Choice 1 : The end. We see each other occasionally.


We stay friends.

Everything is fine. We stayed friends for the time of the Psychology program.

Choice 1 : We didn't have other problems after that. Try again.


I was ok.

He asked a lot of questions about my program, about me, my future. I said that I'm in Psychology program, and I was learning the ropes of this program. I also said that I want to be a psychologist and I really enjoy doing an internship in a company.

Choice 1 : I spent much time in his office talking with him. The end.


He asked for my number.

In his office, he began to flirt with me and he even asked for my number. I wasn't sure what to do. He was out of line.

Choice 1 : I called the directors and he was arrested for this. The end


Work hard on my mental health.

I took some time alone every day to have a good mental health. But one day, I was having panic attacks. First, it was at night, alone, but now it could happen when I'm with a patient.

Choice 1 : I went to see a psychologist. The end


I made a major depression.

The stress began to cause me panic attacks and I wasn't able to control them. I was overwhelmed now and then by the stress. I was Always tired, I wasn't able to work or just to get up in the Morning. One day, it was too much. I fell apart.

Choice 1 : I went to see a psychologist. The end

The End.