The life of a future graphic designer.

A hypertext narrative by

Magali Issid

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Education : 19 matches (CEGEP, Education, choice, classes, college, courses, don, field, field of study, first, general, general education, market, portfolio, project, specific, task, term, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 17 matches (agency, company, contract, enlarge, exposure, freedom, General, House, insurance, market, order, schedule, self-employed, software, term, trust, use and)

Business : 13 matches (amount, company, contract, gain, insurance, manager, market, meeting, money, opportunity, pay, salary, trust)

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lack of (2 matches)

though (1 match)


The life of a future graphic designer.


My future in graphic design.

One year ago, I began studying graphic design at Ahuntsic College. I'm now doing my general education. Next year, I will pursue my studies and attend more specific classes in my field of study.When I have completed my DEC in graphic design, I will have the choice to to go on the labour market right away, or to start a design program in University.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Find a job.

Finding a job in graphic design.

I made this choice because I'm tired of studying and I want to earn a salary rapidly. But now, I have another choice to make. In this field, you can work as a freelancer. A freelancer is a self-employed person. I could also find a more steady job in a company.

Choice 1 : Find a job in a company

Choice 2 : Becoming a freelancer.

Pursuing my studies.

I made this choice because I'll earn a larger salary when I have completed my studies. But, it is difficult because I have a lot more work to do. It is more challenging than it was in the cegep. I'm wondering if I should drop out and find a job or take fewer courses and lengthen my schooling.

Choice 1 : Finding a job in a company.

Choice 2 : Take fewer courses in one session and lenghten my schooling.

Finding a job in a company.

I found a job in an advertising agency, but it isn't paid well and I can't be very creative. Furthermore, I don't have any artistic freedom. I can only execute what my manager tells me to do. I want to find a job that is more challenging because this one is boring. On the other hand, I am gaining experience and I am meeting many people that help me progress and that could be good contacts in the future. So, maybe I should keep this job for a while.

Choice 1 : Find a more challenging job.

Choice 2 : Keep my actual job.

Trying to find a more challenging job.

I am searching to find a new job where I can put ahead, use and enlarge my creativity. It is very difficult because of my lack of experience. I sent my resume to many companies, but they haven't called me back. I will maybe spend a good time on the employment insurance. I will probably have to find a job very similar to my last one to gain experience before I can work in a more creative position.

Choice 1 : The end

Gaining experience.

I decided to keep my job as it is going to pay in the long term. My boss seems to trust me a little more every day and sometimes he gives me small creative tasks. If I keep up my good work, I might be able to apply for a new position in the company in a couple of months. This position will be paid more and I would have more responsibilities.

Choice 1 : The end

Becoming a freelancer.

I received an order from a small company that is owned by my father's friend. I will have to make an illustration for an advertisement, but I won't be paid for this contract and I will have to complete the project on a very short schedule. Even though I won't be paid, the boss of the company assures me that my illustration will have a good exposure and that I will find other contract after this one, but if I don't gain any money, that means that I have to stay longer at my parents' house. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Take this opportunity

Choice 2 : Keep searching for a better contract.

Taking my first opportunity.

I realise that if I want to do this illustration, I have to buy expensive software licenses for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but I don't have enough money. I will have to find a part-time job to be able to pay for the licenses. It will be very tough to find the time to do everything and to finish the project on time. I won't have a lot of sleep during the next weeks.

Choice 1 : The end

Still searching for good opportunity.

I can't find any other contract because of my lack of experience. I tried to draw more illustrations to build my portfolio during my free time, but it didn't make a difference. I will have to find a job in a company very soon because I don't have money anymore.

Choice 1 : Finding a job in a company.


Lengthening my schooling.

I have finished my schooling but it took me a large amount of time. I took 6 years to accomplish this task and now I am ready to go on the labor market. I also made a lot of friends in this field and they can help me find good job opportunities.

Choice 1 : Find a job in graphic design.

The End.