Paralegal's Chatbot Dialogue

Why did you choose this study field?

I chose this study field because I would like to become a lawyer and for of my passion for justice and humans rights. Justice is such an important value to me and this is why I like so much studying in law. I want to help people and get justice for them and the world

What do you learn in your program?

We mostly learn on laws, regulations, case laws, doctrine that can fuel the treatment of a legal problem. We also learn on how to perform legal research in the goal to be able to analyse and interpret various legal documents and collaborate in drafting procedures or documents to the processing of files.

Would you like to pursue your studies after this?

Yes. I am passionate with what I am learning, for this reason I would like to go to university, more specifically in laws in the goal of becoming a lawyer.

Would you like to become a Paralegal?

Not really! I chose this program because I wanted to learn about the law, but my ultimate goal really is to become a lawyer.

How do you envision your future?

I am excited to envision myself becoming a lawyer. Getting justice for others in need is important to me, and I would be so thankful to do this as a career. It is important for me to be passionate and happy with my career, and I feel like providing legal help would exactly fulfill this desire.

If you had the chance, would you change your study field?

No! I am very passionate with my study field and happy that I chose the Paralegal's technology instead of Human Resources. Even if this program takes one year longer to finish, I get the chance to learn the law and have the capacity to judge the seriousness of my interest.

Where do paralegals or lawyers work?

They can work in the offices of lawyers and notaries, bailiff's offices, civil and criminal transplants courthouse or municipal courts or in legal departments and ministries. However, they can also work either for the government or for a company.

Is it true that you have to learn the Civil Code of Quebec by heart?

No! We absolutely do not have to learn it by heart. The Civil Code of Quebec is more used as a tool for practice. We could compare it as a dictionary, but for laws. You just have to know how to properly use it.

Do you own the Criminal Code?

Yes. I do own it, and it is organized more differently than the Civil Code of Quebec. I had a course on Criminal law last semester, and I found it so interesting and entertaining, it actually made me think about if I would like to become a criminal lawyer.

Could you describe what is the job of a paralegal?

The paralegal duties include the same tasks lawyers who assume responsibility for the legal work do, but paralegals do not practice law and are prohibited from dispensing legal advice, trying a case in court, or accepting legal fees. They make lots of research. They uncover all the facts of the case, conduct research to highlight relevant case laws and court decisions, obtain affidavits, and assist with depositions and other materials relevant to cases.


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