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Argument Essay Outlining Tool

An argument essay expresses a clearly stated point of view on a given topic, and a refutation of the opposing view. To create an outline for an argument essay, answer the questions below in the fields on the right. At any time, you can save or generate an outline, and modify existing outlines from your list of outlines.

What is your working title for this essay?*
Paragraph 1
How will you begin your essay?
What is your topic?
It is about...
What is your general orientation toward this topic?
I'm ...
How do you define for the reader?
What should not be considered ?
What is your general argument?
In my opinion, should be
  • because 1
  • because 2
  • Paragraph 2
    Give reasons or examples why we should accept
  • Reason1.1
  • Reason1.2
  • Reason1.3
  • Paragraph 3
    Give reasons or examples why we should accept
  • Reason2.1
  • Reason2.2
  • Reason2.3
  • Paragraph 4
    What is the opposite point of view to yours?
    What is the strongest argument/objection to your point of view?
    Why do you think people should reject this opposing view?
    Paragraph 5
    You have indicated that you are .
    What should people who read your article do now?
    What will happen if enough people accept your point of view? How will things change?